Hot Door CORE  0.7.1
Adobe® Illustrator® Plug-in Library
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hdicoreArtStyle.h File Reference

Header file for Illustrator art style manipulation. More...


class  hdi::core::ArtStyle
 Describes an art style. More...
struct  hdi::core::ArtStyle::PaintData
 Stores art style gradient information. More...
class  hdi::core::ArtStyle::BlendField
 Describes blending info for an art style or paint field of an art style. More...
class  hdi::core::ArtStyle::Effect
 Effects are contained by art styles and are used to replace typical fill/stroke drawing. More...
class  hdi::core::ArtStyle::PaintField
 Corresponds to either a fill or a stroke in an art style. Each paint field can also contain live effects and transparency information. More...


typedef std::auto_ptr< ArtStyle > hdi::core::ArtStyleAP


plugin::ArtStyle * hdi::core::__accessImpl (const ArtStyle &)
ArtStyle hdi::core::__accessCtor (plugin::ArtStyle *&)
hdi::core::ArtStyle::Attributes operator| (const hdi::core::ArtStyle::Attributes lhs_, const hdi::core::ArtStyle::Attributes rhs_)
hdi::core::ArtStyle::Attributesoperator|= (hdi::core::ArtStyle::Attributes &lhs__, const hdi::core::ArtStyle::Attributes rhs_)

Detailed Description

Header file for Illustrator art style manipulation.