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Hi, I'm Rick Johnson - Rick Johnson - 01-04-2014 09:30 PM

I work full-time as an illustrator at a magazine publisher, so software has been a sideline for me. I've written plugins off and on between freelance art projects. I began programming on a Commodore 64, wrote Mac Desk Accessories in Pascal, then began working with Illustrator plugins when Adobe began supporting them with version 5.5 in 1993. Things have changed a lot since then. Early projects were very simple, where an entire plugin fit into one source file. It was exciting when Metroworks CodeWarrior supported compiling Windows plugins on a Mac using one common code base, and I look forward to seeing CORE make dual-platform development simpler again.

RE: Hi, I'm Rick Johnson - garrett - 01-13-2014 08:38 PM

Hi Rick! Brendon has told me a lot about you and your plug-ins over the years. Hopefully you find CORE accommodating enough so developing feels (sorta) like the good ol' days Smile

RE: Hi, I'm Rick Johnson - Rick Johnson - 08-11-2017 10:51 AM

After a few years of using CORE, I have to report that it's truly an excellent environment for AI plugin development, and I really can't imagine doing it any other way. CORE has exceeded my expectations to the point where over ~25 years of AI plugin development, these are the good old days! Thank you, Brendon and Garrett! Shy