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Xcode install script, AI19+, and images
11-04-2016, 10:49 AM
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Xcode install script, AI19+, and images
When building some plugins for CC 2015 and 2015.3, I noticed that they worked ok, but none of the PNG resources were loaded. I carefully studied the syntax, id numbers, etc., and eventually found that the following line was included with samples with images, but missing from the Skeleton project (which I based most of my plugins on) under Build Phases, Run Script.

cp "$PROJECT_DIR/../Images/"*.png "$INSTALL_DIR/$FULL_PRODUCT_NAME/Contents/Resources/png/"

I've added this line to all of my projects since there's at least one image in the About Box, but I wonder if, for the benefit of others, would it be a problem to add it and not need it? Looking at the other "cp ... Images" line reminded me that there's an Images folder two levels up that includes a lot of useful cursors and icons that can be included without re-creating them in the project itself -- nice!
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