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finding art at a point
04-02-2017, 09:43 AM
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finding art at a point
CurrentDocument's artAtPoint is great, but an option for a tolerance would be very helpful since path art sometimes gets missed because, I'd guess, the point given is just too precise. Passing "SegPointOrInteriorHitRequest" sometimes returns a vector that includes text objects in what I'd expect would be path art only.

In HitData, passing art as "the Root art of a tree to restrict the hit" isn't clear to me; it seems to refer to descendent objects only. It would be really helpful to have a variation of this that began its object search using the paint order, to begin hit tests just below the referenced path, as would be done in succession to drill down as an alternative to artAtPoint.

Then again, maybe I'm just missing something in using these methods.
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