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Hot Door CORE 0.5.8 is now available
03-23-2015, 09:15 PM
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Hot Door CORE 0.5.8 is now available
This update brings the following changes:
  • New ColumnView widget and supporting classes
  • New HierarchicalColumnView widget and supporting classes
  • Improvements to HierarchicalView widget and supporting classes
  • New WidgetGroup class to simplify logical grouping of widgets
  • Improvements to widget rollovers
  • Many widgets now draw properly when disabled
  • Preparation for future support of HiDPI image variants in widgets
  • Added double-click support for some widgets
  • Widget click callbacks now occur on mouse-up instead of mouse-down
  • Widget tooltip fixes and improvements
  • File save/open dialog support
  • Added HSB support to ArtColor class
  • Added pre- and post-callback variants to the Plugin class
  • New clipboard manipulation functions (only text is supported for now)

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