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Widgets and widget options
05-04-2016, 08:18 PM
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Widgets and widget options
I really like Adobe's Character Panel, as in CS6, the way the controls are neatly squared. Both CORE and Coaoa popup menu widgets are rounded, and the "pop" button on the right are 2 pixels or so taller than an attached combo box. Would it be practical to add an option for these squared widgets?

Also, the combo box popups in the Character panel open to show a whole lot of items, while the CORE popups have a limit of 5 items, then resemble a Windows-style dropdown with scroll bar. This impedes my productivity; Xcode Cocoa lets us choose how many items to allow in the list before forcing a scroll bar, and I wish CORE did, also.

Third, ADM used to support those little increment arrows on combo boxes. Would that be difficult to add? It's not a biggie, mostly that I don't want my customers to wonder why I'm taking features away. For me, it's more convenient to put the cursor in the combo box and press the up/down arrows. The typical Adobe behavior would be that values would increment by 1 unless there was a preference to choose another value. The combo boxes in CORE choose the next item in the menu. It would be great if text boxes and combo boxes automatically checked if the contents represents a value when arrow keys were pressed while it has focus and incremented it by 1 unless another step value were chosen.

I know it's small stuff, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask...
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