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The power of Adobe® Illustrator®

Adobe® Illustrator® is the leading vector/2D drawing application with powerful control over paths, objects, color, and type. It creates a perfect landscape for both artistic and technical projects within a wide variety of professions. Designers of print and online media rely on Adobe® Illustrator® every day, but often they need a little extra something.

The plug-in problem - and opportunity

Adobe® graciously allows the addition of third-party plug-ins to extend the functionality of Adobe® Illustrator®. However, a cross-platform plug-in requires tedious platform code for the user interface. Additionally, support for many simultaneous versions of Illustrator often requires code specialization for one version or another. Hot Door solves this problem with its new CORE technology, a developer-friendly architecture that makes it easy to create plug-ins and update them quickly. CORE supports cross-platform development of plug-ins for Adobe® Illustrator® CC 2019 through 2023!

Support for your development

CORE is more than a powerful engine for your plug-in project – it is a supportive environment. Documentation is organized and thorough, making it easy to implement the API. Solving problems is even easier through the new CORE forum, where experienced developers can exchange ideas and techniques. Additional plug-in development services are also available directly from Hot Door.

Instant marketing opportunities

We know that developing a software product is just the beginning. Marketing plug-ins is essential and nearly impossible without a channel for distribution. Hot Door is solving this problem through a new Web site (in development) that will describe and sell CORE-based plug-in products for third-party developers. Creative opportunities for international marketing and distribution are built right into the package.

Get started... and finished

We have a long list of plug-in ideas waiting to be created. You may have some of your own. CORE is the right place to start on a great plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator®, but it's an even more exciting place to finish it. Let's go!