Hot Door CORE  0.7.0
Adobe® Illustrator® Plug-in Library
hdicoreConstants.h File Reference

Header file for defining various Illustrator plugin constants. More...


const long hdi::core::setupFailedErrorCode = 'SUFE'
 This error code is displayed graphically (at startup) when pluginSetup() returns false.
const double hdi::core::maxFloatPrecision = 0.000001
 Maximum float type precision. More...
const double hdi::core::maxDoublePrecision = 0.00000000000001
 Maximum double type precision. More...
const double hdi::core::thousPerInch = 1000.0
 Number of thous (mils) per inch.
const double hdi::core::millimetersPerInch = 25.4
 Number of millimeters per inch.
const double hdi::core::inchesPerFoot = 12.0
 Number of inches per foot.
const double hdi::core::feetPerYard = 3.0
 Number of feet per yard.
const double hdi::core::feetPerMile = 5280.0
 Number of feet per mile.
const double hdi::core::millimetersPerCentimeter = 10.0
 Number of millimeters per centimeter.
const double hdi::core::centimetersPerMeter = 100.0
 Number of centimeters per meter.
const double hdi::core::metersPerKilometer = 1000.0
 Number of meters per kilometer.
const double hdi::core::pointsPerPica = 12.0
 Number of points per pica.
const double hdi::core::shakusPerMeter = 3.3
 Number of shakus per meter (this unit is only used in Japan)
const double hdi::core::sqPointsPerAcre = 32517365759.9999999999999999999999999
 Number of square points per acre.
const double hdi::core::sqPointsPerHectare = 80352160704.3214086428172856345712691
 Number of square points per hectare.
const double hdi::core::pointsPerThou = 0.072
 Number of points per thou (mil)
const double hdi::core::pointsPerInch = 72.0
 Number of points per inch.
const double hdi::core::pointsPerFoot = 864.0
 Number of points per foot.
const double hdi::core::pointsPerYard = 2592.0
 Number of points per yard.
const double hdi::core::pointsPerMile = 4561920.0
 Number of points per mile.
const double hdi::core::pointsPerMillimeter = 2.83464566929133858267716535433070866
 Number of points per millimeter.
const double hdi::core::pointsPerCentimeter = 28.3464566929133858267716535433070866
 Number of points per centimeter.
const double hdi::core::pointsPerMeter = 2834.64566929133858267716535433070866
 Number of points per meter.
const double hdi::core::pointsPerKilometer = 2834645.66929133858267716535433070866
 Number of points per kilometer.
const double hdi::core::pointsPerShaku = 858.983536148890479599141016463851109
 Number of points per shaku (this unit is only used in Japan)
const double hdi::core::bezierKappa = 0.55228474983079339840225163227959743
 Distance to travel away from an anchor point, relative to the desired circle radius, in order to create a control point that produces a circular arc. More...
const double hdi::core::bezierMagicNumber = 3.62132034355964257320253308631454711
 Similar to bezierKappa, but as the fraction of the diameter distance instead.
const double hdi::core::pointsForInch64th = 1.125
 Number of points in a 64th of an inch.
const double hdi::core::pointsForInch32nd = 2.25
 Number of points in a 32nd of an inch.
const double hdi::core::pointsForInch16th = 4.5
 Number of points in a 16th of an inch.
const double hdi::core::pointsForInch8th = 9.0
 Number of points in an eighth of an inch.
const double hdi::core::pointsForInch4th = 18.0
 Number of points in a quarter of an inch.
const double hdi::core::pointsForHalfInch = 36.0
 Number of points in a half-inch.
const double hdi::core::pointsFor1mm = 2.83464566929133858267716535433070866
 Number of points in a millimeter.
const double hdi::core::pointsFor1cm = 28.3464566929133858267716535433070866
 Number of points in a centimeter.
const double hdi::core::pointsFor1meter = 2834.64566929133858267716535433070866
 Number of points in a meter.
const double hdi::core::pointsFor1km = 2834645.66929133858267716535433070866
 Number of points in a kilometer.

Detailed Description

Header file for defining various Illustrator plugin constants.